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The Sportsman’s Challenge started at our Refuge Hunting Camps with a simple skeet shoot with youth hunters. It has since grown into its own program that includes sporting clay shooting, archery, and rifle shooting. The program is designed to introduce youth and adult to the shooting sports as well as give them an opportunity to compete while doing so. 

The Sportsman’s Challenge is an outdoor ministry event designed to:

  • introduce youth shooters to the shooting sports
  • challenge the abilities of seasoned shooters
  • promote a time of fellowship amongst friends
  • teach principles and practices of God’s design for conservation

The Sportsman’s Challenge is a great tool for local churches to use for their outdoor ministry events.

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What We Bring? 

Our Sportsman’s Challenge trailer is equipped with everything you need to host a great outdoor ministry event in your community. It is a mobile unit that includes:

  • multiple clay target machines
  • archery range with Genesis bows and arrows
  • silhouette hog targets for rifle range
  • shotguns and 22 rifles
  • clay targets

How to Host a Sportsman’s Challenge at your Church

The process for hosting a Sportsman’s Challenge in your church and community is simple and straight forward. We will walk you through each aspect of hosting an event that makes an impact in your area. We can work within any budget and will help from start to completion.

The process looks like this:
– Contact us either by phone, email.
– We will walk through why you want to host an event as well as your ideas for the event.
– You choose a date that works for you and for us.
– You walk through the pre event marketing plan that we help you set up.
– We show up with the trailer and set up for the event.
– You host the event and make an impact in your community. 

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